Every WORKMASTER compact tractor comes standards with 540 RPM rear PTO power. That means you can power 3-point hitch implements like rotary tillers or rotary cutters with ease. Mid-or front PTO implements are also a great choice thanks to the 2000 RPM mid-PTO power, which is optional on units equipped with 3-range hydrostatic of 12x12 Gear transmission.

The WORKMASTER PTO is fully independent, which means that you can engage or disengage the PTO while stopped or on the move, and the multi-plate wet disc design ensures years of trouble-free operation.


With WORKMASTER tractors, using the PTO is quick, simple, and most importantly, it is safe. The electro-hydraulically engaged PTO is exactly what you’ll find on our larger agricultural tractors. It uses a push and turn, color-coded knob, located to the right of the steering wheel to engage or disengage.

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