LM6.32, LM7.42 CLASSIC AND LM9.35


A full powershift 4F/3R (four forward and three reverse speed) transmission is standard on the LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35, with clutch-free changes between each gear. Simply choose speeds using buttons on the console-mounted joystick, and make direction changes with the forward-reverse shuttle lever on the steering column.

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All four models achieve a maximum 22.9-mph transport speed (with 460/70R24 tires). Transport mode engages automatically in third gear or at speeds exceeding 7.5 mph. This locks the rear steering wheels in the straight-ahead position, allowing steering from the front axle only.

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A 6F/3R powershift transmission on the LM7.42 Elite gives you the ability to select Auto mode. Effective in speeds 4, 5 and 6, Auto mode automatically changes gears to select the most appropriate gear in relation to engine and forward speed, making it ideal for transport applications. Top speed ranges up to 23.7 mph (tire dependent). To enhance the ease of operation, all gear and direction changes can be made using the armrest-mounted joystick. For those who prefer it, a column-mounted shuttle lever is also available.

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