Strength and durability are key components of a reliable material handling machine which is why the large-frame LM Series telehandler boom and frame are designed to be more robust and durable than ever. Additionally, the perfectly balanced design of the rear boom provides a natural counter balance when lifting to provide additional stability and operator safety.

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New Holland has invested millions in the production line for large-frame models. Robot welding is a key manufacturing process and ensures consistent quality during chassis and boom construction.

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Based around twin U-shaped 0.39- to 0.47-inch (10- to 12-mm) thick sections, the boom is immensely strong, with heavy-duty pivot pins for optimum durability. Wear pads adjust quickly using a simple screw and lock nut design, without the need for special tools. Hydraulic end-stroke dampers are incorporated into the boom rams, automatically ensuring the boom smoothly and fully extends and returns to its fully retracted position. This hydraulic damping helps protect the boom and operator from shock loads.

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The one-piece H-shape ladder chassis is made from one-inch-thick, high tensile steel that is fully robot-welded to ensure exceptional torsional rigidity. The boom support is exceptionally strong, and its mass helps to counterbalance heavy loads.

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When engaged by the operator, boom float is designed to allow the attachment to follow the contour of the ground, which is ideal for applications such as ground leveling. The system automatically deactivates when the boom exceeds a 35-degree lift angle. Boom float is available on LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35 Models.

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Smooth Ride boom suspension helps to provide an even ride by reducing shock loads while moving bales from the field, traveling across uneven gravel with a full bucket load for the mixer, or any other application where the terrain is uneven. Simply engage or disengage this feature via a rocker switch on the front console. The system automatically deactivates when the boom exceeds a 35-degree lift angle to ensure stability and provide precise control of the load. This system is standard on LM7.42 Elite models and optional on LM6.32, LM7.42 Classic and LM9.35 models.

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New Holland has engineered the chassis with 40/60 weight distribution to eliminate the need for a counterweight. The design delivers excellent stability and traction when loaded. The mass that would be used in a counterweight is instead built into the chassis to boost its strength.

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The low-profile headstock features an attachment angle of almost 45 degrees compared to 90 degrees of previous models. The lower-profile design allows you to stack loads closer to the roof. The standard carrier has a tilt angle is 142 degrees. As an option, you can choose a less aggressive carrier with only 128 degrees on the LM6.28 or LM9.35. The hydraulic attachment lock allows you to quickly hook up any Manitou-style attachment.

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