GENESIS® T8 Series with PLM Intelligence™



Intelligent monitors for intelligent agriculture.

The all new IntelliView™ 12 monitor delivers a whole host of machine benefits at your fingertips. A clear evolution from the former IntelliView™ IV, the new ‘12’ model with its sleek, automotive style ‘dash’ styling, intuitive display and modern design, will become the benchmark of the future.

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Fully customizable

The standard operational layout sees the screen divided into four main areas:
• The top bar allows the operator to access tractor and operation settings.
• The run screens are located on the bottom bar. These are customizable and always accessible.
• The main part of the screen is composed of the user selected run screens, which show key parameters related to the task in hand.
• The left hand side is another user definable window, which contains primary operating parameters such as fuel rate and slip.

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InfoView™ dash display

The large LCD flat screen display positioned directly in front of the steering wheel is your ‘at a glance’ machine dashboard. Featuring a host of key operating parameters such as engine rpm, forward speed and selected gear, amongst others.

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Perfect view

In order to enhance transport safety, a viewing camera has now been integrated into the hood. When approaching a traffic junction, this enables you to ‘see forward’ for improved road safety. An additional advantage is that you have a perfect view of front mounted implements, both while working in the field, and when connecting in the yard.

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Dual displays

For those customers who need to run extra monitors the GENESIS® T8 has dedicated mounting points and associated power and USB ports. Located in the headliner is a sliding rail to accommodate an additional IntelliView™ 12 monitor. For extra convenience, there is a mounting point on the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest for a mobile phone or tablet holder.

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