Choose from MonoBeam booms up to 120 feet, truss booms up to 135 feet, IntelliSpray-ready booms up to 135 feet, and our exclusive SPRAY-AIR® boom up to 120 feet wide.

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Guardian™ Front Boom Sprayers feature rugged MonoBeam style boom made from high-strength steel. The boom suspension absorbs the shock of uneven field conditions, giving you better stability and flotation. You can be assured that the boom stays level to the ground for an accurate spray rate even over tough terrain. These features allow you to work at higher speeds while achieving consistent product application. Choose a 90-, 100-, or 120-foot boom width to cover your acreage in a hurry.

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The Guardian Truss booms are designed for high-speed, large-acreage spraying. Made extensively of high yielding 100,000 psi steel, these truss booms are very durable yet light in weight. Guardian Truss booms are available in 120-, 132- and 135-foot widths.

For smooth and level automatic boom height control, all Guardians can be equipped with the optional Raven AutoBoom® UltraGlide system.

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When you have boom widths stretching out to 135 feet, you need a set of lift arms that are rugged and give you the spray heights you need. The Guardian lift arms do just that. Long, parallel link lift arms ensure smooth lifting and tremendous height range.
• The SP310F has a range of 100 inches. 17 to 117 inches for the MonoBeam boom and 25 to 125 inches for the Truss boom. NOTE: Lift height can vary depending upon suspension setting.
• The SP370F and SP410F have a travel range of 96 inches.  22 to 118 inches for the MonoBeam boom and 30 to 126 inches for the Truss boom.

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Auto Fold is featured on all Guardian booms. With the touch of a button, the boom will unfold and lower to the spray height predetermined by the operator. Touch the button again and the boom folds back to transport position.

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IntelliHeight™ boom height control

IntelliHeight™ XRT is a state-of-the-art, radar-based, boom-height control system. The system is equipped with three radar sensors for 90- or 100-foot booms. For hilly terrain, two additional sensors can be added. Five sensors are standard for 120-, 132- and 135-foot booms. The system can be set for either ground or canopy modes. The radar sensors can be “Tucked In” out of harm’s way.

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The IntelliSpray™ nozzle control system is designed to maintain a consistent droplet size as the speed of the sprayer varies. This helps to keep the droplet size on the recommended label rate and reduces drift. Other benefits include instant on/off, turn compensation and up to eight nozzles with a variable rate you can set. The boom is divided into 36 virtual sections or if you prefer, individual nozzle control can be unlocked without a hardware change.

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For crops demanding maximum spray coverage and crop canopy penetration, choose a Spray-Air® boom available in widths of 90, 100 or 120 feet. No other application technology can measure up to the total plant coverage from the Spray-Air™ nozzle. The Air Nozzle blasts the spray droplets deep into the crop canopy, ensuring complete top-to-bottom leaf surface coverage. Because of the smaller controlled droplets and directed air blast, the Air Nozzle allows for a very efficient use of water, often in the range of 2 to 5 gallons per acre for herbicides, and generally from 5 to 10 gallons per acre with fungicides.

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With a compact design a ball valve is located at the end of every boom section for easy draining and cleaning of the spray booms.

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