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Clean And Precise Raking


The ProRotor 3114 follows ground contours closely and precisely, supported by four 18 x 8.5-8 flotation tires on oscillating tandem axles, so an accurate tine height is maintained in rolling terrain.

The rear rotor of the ProRotor 3223 articulates in all three dimensions to follow field contours independent of the front rotor. Each rotor hugs the ground and raking more cleanly than similar rakes with fixed rotors. Articulating without complicated pivoting joints and hydraulic cylinders, the rear rotor is supported by four large 18 x 8.5-8 flotation tires on oscillating tandem axles with two additional guide wheels positioned in the front to guide the tines with precision in rolling terrain.

Supported by a tricycle undercarriage with four 16 x 6.5-8 flotation tires, the dual front wheels are positioned close to the tines to lead the rotor controlling tine height precisely and caster to prevent skidding during a tight turns.

For more especially challenging conditions such as pivot irrigation tracks and unexpected holes the optional tandem axle kit provides an extra smooth ride allowing the rotors to follow the terrain closely.

Drawbar trailed a special “J-shaped” hitch pin secures the ProRotor3114 and ProRotor3223 rakes to the tractor. To reduce hay catching on the drawbar this special hitch pin is shorter and secured on the top.

A hydraulic cylinder controls the hitch angle keeping the rotors level as they are raised on headlands. The ram is threaded to provide full range of adjustment for different drawbar heights.

Rotor adjustments are simple and easier than ever so you can rake clean every time. Rotor height adjustments can be made without tools and built in side leveling adjustment ensures your always set properly without rotor base shims or tire pressure adjustments.

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