Get ultimate feeding capacity with Roll-Belt™ 450 and 460 SuperFeed™ and CropCutter® balers. These balers feature large, 18-inch diameter undershot rotors that feed difficult-to-handle crops directly into the chamber with power and ease. Unlike some competitive designs, no secondary feed rotor is required, virtually eliminating the risk of crop stalling after the undershot rotor.

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Both SuperFeed and CropCutter systems are designed with a standard hydraulic drop floor that can be lowered if debris or a crop plug enters the baler. Simply lower the floor from the tractor seat, then re-engage the PTO to lock in the cut-out clutch to allow the plug to clear easily. If a more difficult blockage is encountered, both models can be outfitted with hydraulic rotor reversing as a dealer-installed accessory. A manual reversing bar is stored on the back of the tailgate.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate way to make dense bales, bales that easily break apart in your TMR or during bedding, maximum feed efficiency, or a mix of all the above, look no further than the CropCutter rotary cutting system. This system uses 15 spring-protected knives that pre-cut crop before entering the chamber into uniform, two-and-a-half-inch lengths during the entire bale formation process. Deciding to cut or not cut is as simple as activating the tractor’s hydraulic remote. Smaller particle lengths result in greater bale density as more crop is packed into each bale. Additionally, these cut bales are easier to break apart. For hay bales in a TMR, this means improved ration mixing quality and less power. Bedding bales are easier to shake apart and more absorbent. At the feeder, your herd’s consumption can improve as feed is easier to chew, which helps reduce waste and sorting at the same time.

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To help lower operating costs, knives can be resharpened and then reused. When cutting is not required, the provided knife blanks can be inserted in the floor. Knife removal is easy. With the tailgate open and locked, unlock the raised knives and simply lift them out. Knife blanks and knives are neatly stowed on the baler.

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When you need the power to feed the most difficult crops, but don’t need the ability to cut, the SuperFeed rotary feeding system is the perfect choice for you. This system has the same size diameter rotor found in CropCutter models, but with single-point feeder tines and no knives in the floor. These tines are arranged in a W-pattern on a rotor shaft for uniform feeding from the pickup into the bale chamber. SuperFeed balers do just what their name says: power feed material. As the material comes off the pickup, instead of kicking it into the chamber like an overshot rotor, these versions pull the crop down under the rotor, then shove it directly up into the chamber, forcing crop directly into the bale just ahead of the floor roll. This positive, forced feeding shines in bulky crops like straw, but still handles dry hay and silage crops with ease.

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The pickup found on SuperFeed and CropCutter balers was designed to ensure that frequent turns, irregular-shaped fields, windswept windrows and heavy crops weren’t a limiting factor ahead of these hungry rotor feeder systems. Spanning 90-inches wide flare-to-flare, or 82-inches wide from tine-to-tine, this pickup delivers a clean sweep that’s over six-inches wider than one leading competitor. This pickup features an ultra-reliable reel with five solid, bar-stock steel tine bars, and plate-type reel spiders. With up to 160, heavy-duty six-millimeter rubber-mounted tines, you’re bound to pick up all your valuable crop.

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