BigBaler High Density Series


Rugged Durability

A robust frame manages higher-density loads delivered by the plunger for long-term durability and reliability season after season.

Smooth Baler Engagement

Exclusive SmartShift™ gearbox features two-speed start-up technology for smooth baler engagement while protecting the tractor’s driveline.

Hydraulic Axle Suspension

Provides excellent ground following ability and superior accessibility underneath the baler.

Stronger Knots

Patented Loop Master™ knotter system increases overall bale tensile strength up to 26% for lower operating costs while eliminating twine offcuts.


BigBaler High Density Series


True to its name, the new BigBaler 340 High Density packs more crop into every bale. Put into numbers, the BigBaler 340 makes bales that are up to 22% more dense than those made by conventional balers. Combine high-density performance with reduced bale handling, hauling and storage expenses, and this big square baler greatly maximizes your ROI.

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The BigBaler 340 High Density ensures exceptional productivity with its new and efficient MaxiSweep™ five-bar pickup. The pickup efficiently collects large, wide windrows for uniform, high capacity feeding with little or no crop left in the field. A short, narrow tongue profile provides outstanding baler maneuverability at headlands and improves visibility of the pickup.

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The CropCutter® rotary feed system features a large “W” shape rotor pattern with 29-knife capacity to ensure smooth feeding. Knives can be engaged to provide easier feeding and additional bale density with a theoretical cut length as short as 1.5 inches.

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The BigBaler 340’s award-winning SmartShift™ gearbox features two-speed start-up technology for smooth baler engagement while protecting the tractor driveline. The easy-start feature simplifies baler startup as it engages the baler and automatically shifts from first to second gear, accelerating the flywheel to operating speed. An integrated oil-cooled brake stops the plunger in the ideal position to ensure an easy startup each time.

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The BigBaler 340’s strong, robust frame manages higher-density loads delivered by the plunger for long-term durability. Wide-opening side and front shields, along with a yellow mainframe, provide exceptional serviceability and visibility. Twine boxes swing out of the way hydraulically to make cleaning even easier.

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The Loop Master™ knotter system builds upon New Holland’s renowned double-knotting system. The second knot is now a loopstyle knot that is 37% stronger compared to a standard knot. The result? Up to a 26% increase in overall twine tensile strength for reduced breakages and no twine offcuts, meaning cleaner fields and less contaminated feed. Huge 36-twine spool capacity reduces the number of times required to stop and refill the twine boxes.

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For easier twine loading, the hydraulic axles can be lowered to bring the twine boxes closer to the ground. This system also facilitates excellent maintenance access as there are no leaf springs obstructing the area.

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The IntelliView™ display combined with New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM™) allows you to track and save data such as individual bale weight and moisture, yield monitoring and GPS drop points. For the ultimate in productivity, unlock IntelliCruise™ and pair the BigBaler with an ISOBUS Class III New Holland T7 HD  AutoCommand™ CVT tractor. The IntelliCruise™ feed rate control system can be used in either Charge Control Mode for maximum capacity or Slice Control Mode to obtain the desired number of slices per bale producing consistent bale lengths and reducing operator fatigue.

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