Bring New Holland expertise to your rice fields

Rice production comes with a variety of unique harvest challenges.
To be the most successful, you need a partner with worldwide experience and expertise. New Holland is ready to take on that role.
Let us help you grow your business with field-proven equipment like the CR Revelation combine and advanced rice harvesting solutions.


The Twin Rotor® CR Revelation Combine

45 years of Twin Rotor supremacy.

Twin Rotor technology gives rice producers advantages in harvest quality and capacity. As the crop flows into the two Twin Pitch Plus rotors, each rotor processes a thinner crop mat. This is important for rice harvest because it doesn't shred the leaves or straw. It also reduces the amount of grains trapped in the straw mat that would eventually be lost to the ground. The Twin Pitch Plus rotors provide more internal room to revolve straw inside the cage and the gentle harvest action reduces the chaff in the cleaning shoe, which results in a cleaner grain sample and higher capacity.

Built for abrasive crops.

Rice grain is extremely abrasive and can be hard on harvesting equipment. To handle the wear and tear of rice harvest, the CR is built with reinforced internal components. Heavy-duty materials are used in places that take the brunt of the crop flow. These strengthened areas are able to withstand the abrasiveness of rice as it flows through the combine. The concaves, rotor covers, elevator body, augers and unloading tube are all reinforced with materials like stainless steel to withstand prolonged operation, giving you dependability season after season.

Experience the IntelliSense™ difference.

The award-winning IntelliSense combine automation system makes adjustments in real time to help you get the highest-quality harvest. In fact, the IntelliSense system selects the best action out of 280 million possibilities, every 20 seconds. With different modes such as limited loss and best grain quality, you can refine your harvest to meet specific conditions. This fine-tuned system helps even the most experienced driver increase their daily productivity. Features like the cleaning shoe pressure sensor allow the CR to achieve low ground loss and deliver maximum harvest capacity.

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