XCN-2050™ Display

Sophisticated Guidance. Intuitive Operation

XCN-2050™ Display


New Holland offers a wide range of displays which provide you with 360° PLM information and management. All parameters can be monitored at a glance, including guidance and the most advanced yield and moisture mapping functions. Choose between the FM-750 and the wide screen FM-1000 monitor and XCN-2050 monitors. The fully integrated IntelliView™ displays are colour touchscreen monitors that offer fingertip control of all machine functions, opt for 17.8cm IntelliView™ III, or upgrade to the super-wide screen 26.4cm inch IntelliView™ IV monitor.

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The ultra-wide screen XCN-2050™ display is compatible with the full range of correction signals and offers intuitive, colour multi-touchscreen operation. It has been designed to ensure full integration with advanced PLM technology including yield and moisture sensing, as well as a whole range of other precision guidance applications. PLM Water Management compatible

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