XCN-1050™ Display

XCN-1050™ Display


• The XCN 1050™ display is a high definition display with multi-touch operation and features an easy to use interface built on an Android operating system.
• It has a 10 inch touch display with slim profile and bezel making it easier to read while taking up less cab space.
• The XCN-1050™ display can be fitted to a range of machines, and integrated into most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery with an Autopilot guidance system.
• This display is a simple setup with fewer components allowing for an easier installation process whilst increasing compatibility with CAN based steering.

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New xFill™ Premium for XCN-2050 and XCN-1050™ monitors

xFill™ Premium is a subscription-based feature that allows extended use of CenterPoint RTX when traditional xFill™ either times out or degrades below the threshold accuracy of CenterPoint RTX. When the RTK correction signal is interrupted, xFill™ Premium can seamlessly transition the correction signal type from RTK to CenterPoint RTX, allowing the customer to continue running without interruption and without a line shift. Once the RTK correction returns, the system will automatically revert to the RTK correction signal.

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