SH FRONT HOPPER Tillage Equipment

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New Holland SH front hoppers can be used to carry bulk materials such as seed or fertiliser to give extra capacity and autonomy in drilling or fertiliser applications. SH is available with two hopper capacity configurations, 1500 litres and 1900 litres. Distribution is carried out via metering system driven either by a ground drive wheel or electronic drive. Metered material is distributed to a choice of 2 or 4 outlets pneumatically, with a powerful hydraulically driven blower fan blowing material down the long plastic tubes to the rear implement. The bottom of the hopper is made from stainless steel, essential when handling corrosive material such as fertiliser.

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The SH front hopper is a versatile solution and can be used to provide additional capacity when spreading fertiliser and better balance the tractor, or used in combination with a grain drill to carry extra seed or as part of a seed & fertiliser placement system. The tank is not pressurized therefore no special seals are needed or risk being damaged. The hydraulically powered industrial high pressure fan provides adjustable air flow and pressure to suit the needs of the material being transported. Pressure can easily be monitored from the cab via the visible manometer gauge, and adjusted by altering the oil flow to the fan.

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