DISC CULTIVATORS Tillage Equipment


Engineered for the benefit of your soil

In addition to proven environmental benefits, soil health is the key to productivity and sustainable profitability. There are a number of systems that can be adopted to help promote good soil health, with minimal tillage having gained in popularity thanks to advances in the design and development of cultivation equipment. New Holland SDM and SDH compact disc cultivators form a part of these advances.

Developed to meet the diverse demands of combinable, forage and root crop producers, New Holland SDM medium-duty and SDH heavy-duty disc cultivators offer tremendous versatility. Engineered to deliver excellent performance across different soils and in varied working conditions, SDM and SDH discs combine economy of operation with high levels of productivity. Key applications include minimal tillage, slug control, over-wintered stubble management, secondary cultivation, crop residue management, post root crop soil levelling and seedbed preparation.

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Why choose a disc cultivator….?

Suitable for use across all types of soil, disc cultivators have a number of advantages:
• Crop residues. Discs chop and mix crop residues into the topsoil without disturbing soil at lower levels
• Root zone moisture retention. By minimising soil disturbance, discing can help conserve moisture by leaving soil under the cultivated surface undisturbed
• Seed ready topsoil. Shallow disc cultivated soils are aerated and can provide an ideal seedbed across a wide range of soils
• Reduced draft. Disc cultivators have a lower draft requirement, reducing fuel use and enabling more ground to be covered at higher working speeds
• Protection of the root zone. A disc cultivator mixes crop residues into a shallower depth of topsoil, leaving soil lower down undisturbed
• Working with nature. Shallow disc cultivation aerates the topsoil and incorporates the organic matter that feeds worms and other beneficial soil organisms

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… why choose New Holland?

Disc cultivators have evolved, with New Holland SDM medium and SDH heavy-duty models meeting the demand for affordable, high performance and versatile cultivators. Designed to operate across a range of soils in hugely variable conditions, the New Holland advantage includes:
• Simplified choice. Two distinct ranges, with a choice of model to match available tractor power. Just select the model for your key soil types, working width and your preferred rear roller and that is it
• Ease of set up. Simple adjustments make selecting the working depth fast and accurate. There are no complex settings to remember
• Robust. High strength steel chassis, robust disc mounts, maintenance free bearings & inherent weight for effective disc penetration
• Efficiency. Disc angle balanced between optimising soil and crop residue mixing and reduced draft
• Farm proven. Developed following extensive operation across a range of soils, conditions and following all key crop types
• Unrivalled New Holland dealer support

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SDM- shallow cultivation in varied conditions

Primarily aimed at growers with lighter soils or where there is a reduced need to incorporate high volumes of surface crop residues, New Holland SDM medium-duty disc cultivators are available in working widths from 3.0m to 7.0m. Fitted with notched concave discs, attached to the cultivator chassis via a maintenance free, four-point silent block rubber mount, SDM cultivators are designed to operate accurately at depths of between 3cm to 10cm. Mounted in tandem, the double row of 520mm discs have the clearance necessary to mix and incorporate lighter crop residues, weeds and applied materials into the topsoil. On both mounted and trailed models a choice of roller options are available to suit a wide variety of soil types. Trailed SDM 500 T, 600 T and 700 T cultivators can be specified with front mounted blade rollers or soil leveling boards. Blade rollers are developed to aggressively chop dense weeds, cover crops or maize stalks ahead of the discs, the blade rollers feature hydraulic depth control and can be raised out of work when not needed. The optional hydraulic front leveling board is ideal for working in ploughed ground and levels lumps and fills hollows to present a uniform surface for the following discs to operate in.

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SDH – deeper working, heavier soils, higher residue levels

Offered in 3.0m mounted or 5.0m and 6.0m trailed versions, New Holland SDH heavy-duty cultivators are fitted with 610mm notched discs. SDH models can be worked to depths of between 6cm to 12cm and are suitable for use across all soil types. A key feature of these models is the extremely robust 80mm by 20mm C spring disc mounts. These allow up to 200mm of vertical movement and can accommodate up to 50mm of lateral movement. In work, this ‘3D’ flexibility allows an individual disc to ride up and over large stones without compromising the working depths of adjacent units. This ensures consistent depth control across the cultivators working width. In addition, the discs suspension enables them to vibrate in work, improving performance in difficult conditions. Developed to meet the needs of growers tasked with duties to include mixing and incorporating heavy cover crops, maize stubble or applied materials such as farmyard manure, sludge or digestate into the topsoil, SDH models are offered with a choice of rear roller.

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