ROTAVATORS Tillage Equipment



- Up to four speed gearbox option
- Adjustable trailing board
- Chain and Gear drive offering
- 3 different depth control options


RVL and RVM range of rotavators

The extensive range of New Holland rotavators has been designed to ensure that every operation can find their perfect match. The RVL, light range of rotavators is available in working widths of 1 - 1.5 metres and offers mono speed operation. Choose between standard chain drive or optional gear drive, for even more durability. The RVM, medium range of rotorvators is ideal for operations that prize rotavating flexibility. Choose between a range of working widths from 1.3 - 2.05 meters, it is available with both standard chain and optional gear drive, you can also specify either mono speed or quad four-speed operation.

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RVH and RVX range of rotavators

The RVH series of heavy duty rotavators can be ordered in 1.1 - 3.05 working widths and, like the RVL and RVM ranges standard chain and optional gear drive, coupled with mono speed or quad four-speed operation. Those operations looking for the widest rotavating will opt for the extra heavy duty RVX rotavator range which have been designed to deliver outstanding performance from 2.05 - 3.55 metre working widths. Available with gear drive and quad as standard, these units are for customers demanding the highest performance.

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