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New Holland PLM® solutions to match your needs

All FR forage harvesters can be specified with IntelliSteer®, New Holland’s fully integrated auto guidance package. Fully compatible with the most accurate RTK correction signals, IntelliSteer can guarantee pass-to-pass and year-on-year accuracy as low as 1-2cm. A variety of guidance paths, from straight A-B runs to the most complex adaptive curves can be programmed, as well as the advanced functionality which enables operators to transfer the guidance path from the tractor to the forage for precision in-field operation. The result? Fields which are cleanly harvested, so every grain, blade of grass or kernel gets safely stored away.

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Precise yield mapping

Precise yield data is also displayed on the IntelliView™ IV monitor, thanks to sensors that are located in the feed roll linkage which analyse crop throughput; this is combined with the machine’s forward speed to give accurate yield information. This data can be printed out on the on board job printer. Furthermore, it can be analysed using advanced PLM® Software to provide customers with precise yield maps to enable them to fine tune inputs to enhance future profits. This 360° service could provide your business with the competitive edge when it comes to winning valuable contracts.

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Real time moisture sensing

The resistive type moisture sensing system has been calibrated for both maize and grass crops, and provides the operator with a real-time and an average moisture reading on the in-cab IntelliView™ IV monitor. This communicates with the ActiveLOC™ system, which automatically calibrates the chop length to ensure the most nutritious silage depending on the actual moisture content of every individual swath. This enables the precise application of additive, from the 400 litre tank, to ensure top quality silage and to eliminate the potentially deadly risk of mould growth.

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Maize guidance

Maize headers can be specified with row guidance to keep your FR perfectly on course. Two sensors continuously monitor the position of the crop entering the header, and automatically guide the machine to ensure true perpendicular entry even in poor visibility or at high speeds. The system can also be linked to a GPS positioning system, which can distinguish between cut and uncut rows, to facilitate nighttime harvesting and advanced harvesting activities such as skip row functionality to ensure your header is always 100% full, 100% of the time.

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Telematics: manage your machine from the comfort of your office

My PLM® Connect enables you to connect to your FR and view over 74 machine parameters from the comfort of your office. The new wireless file transfer feature allows easy and secure data transfer to and from your machines. This means easier access or transfer of data such as guidance lines, boundaries, coverage maps, yield and moisture data. In short, My PLM® Connect will help you to reduce your fuel bills and improve fleet management and security in one simple package.

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My New Holland

Manage your PLM applications and your entire farm operation, equipment and support through one centralized location. provides the infrastructure to connect your farming operation and share information, while using My PLM® Connect telematics to manage your fleet logistics, utilization and productivity.
Key My New Holland features include:
• My PLM Connect
• PLM Customer Support
• Product guides and manuals
• Warranty documents
• PLM training materials
• Frequently Asked Questions

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Evo NIR On-board real time sensing

The optional new Evo NIR On-board sensor, available from Dinamica Generale, a leading sensor technology company, enables FR Forage Cruiser owners and operators to monitor and record a whole host of crop moisture and nutrient parameters in real time with outstanding accuracy. Monitored parameters include Dry Matter, Protein, Fat, Starch, Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF) and Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF). This is ideal when producing livestock feed or when working with the biomass industry.

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