oN-tHe-go kNife movemeNt

Flexibility is king when harvesting. That is why the Varifeed allows operators to immediately react to changing crop conditions. How? It’s simple: they can adjust the position of the knives whilst harvesting, enabling them to best utilise the 575mm of fore-aft adjustment. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll never have to worry about inserting time consuming deck plates again. Simply select your knife position from the comfort of the cab, watch the cutter bar extend and away you go.

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Heavy duty, large diameter auger

The large 660mm diameter auger has a heavy duty, reinforced construction to enable it to process high volumes of sometimes abrasive crop with ease. The intensive international field test programme ensures that all components can withstand extensive harvesting activity. The retractable feeding fingers across the entire length of the auger assist smooth feeding, efficiently delivering material to the straw elevator, right from the very tip of the header.

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suPer-sized Header PerformaNce: 12.5 metre varifeed™ Header

In order to deliver ultimate harvesting efficiency in today’s largest fields, the 12.5 metre Varifeed™ header will become the default choice. Ideal for operations which utilise controlled traffic, the header’s construction guarantees strength and durability, while the split auger manages large volumes of crop with ease. The dualknife drives, located at either end of the header, maintain powerful cutting across the full cutterbar width, as well as assisting with perfect weight distribution to produce with uniform stubble height.

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automatic Header HeigHt coNtrol

The advanced Automatic Header Height Control system is available in three operational modes:

• Compensation Mode uses a pre-established ground contact pressure that is hydraulically maintained to guarantee efficient harvesting of lying or low growing crops such as peas and beans.
• Automatic Stubble Height Control maintains a pre-set stubble height by using sensors located on the combine itself together with the hydraulic header control cylinders.
• The Autofloat™ system uses a combination of sensors on the header that ensure the table follows uneven terrain and automatically adjusts its position hydraulically to maintain uniform stubble height and to prevent the header digging into the ground.

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fully iNtegrated raPe kNives

Optional 18 teeth rape knives scythe through matted crops and can be quickly and simply fitted to the Varifeed™ header. These knives are driven hydraulically for enhanced operating durability. Controlled through the IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor, they guarantee more efficient rape harvesting. When not required, they can be stored in the dedicated compartment on the header itself.

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