MAIZE HEADERS Combine Harvesters


efficieNt HarvestiNg iN laid croPs

The front profile has been redesigned to expose the gathering chains. This is ideal when working in laid maize, as the stalks are actively ratcheted into the header to ensure that all stalks are collected, as well as speeding up harvesting.

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best-iN-class stalk cHoPPiNg

For fine chopping and superb spreading of mulched material, integrated stalk choppers can be fitted. This is perfect for minimum or zero tillage operations. The cutting blade is situated underneath the header, and maximum flexibility is guaranteed thanks to individual row engagement. Customers agree: New Holland truly offers a ‘best-in-class’ solution.

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PrecisioN PoiNt adjustmeNt

Two in-built header adjustment settings have been developed to ensure your maize header always works at the most efficient setting for you. The rugged lynch pin enables overall point adjustment and this can be further finetuned by altering the bolt to facilitate you in achieving specific cutting heights.

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fold uP PoiNts for easier serviciNg

All points fold up simply and easily to enable easy access for routine checks, servicing and even cleaning. Want more? How about fenders which fold up on gas struts, halving the effort and facilitating access. They are even safer too, as a safety latch has been included in their design to keep them securely in position.

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