MAIZE HEADERS Combine Harvesters


leadiNg from tHe froNt

Successful combine harvesting starts with the right header, after all, you can only process what you actually put into the machine. By fitting a New Holland header, you will unlock your combine’s full harvesting potential and bring home a successful harvest. Want more? New Holland headers have been designed to perfectly match New Holland combines to send your harvesting productivity to the next level.

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a New HollaNd History of moderN combiNiNg

New Holland revolutionised the face of combine harvesting back in 1952, when the very first self-propelled combine harvester in Europe, the MZ, rolled of Leon Claeys’ production line in Zedelgem, Belgium, and the rest, as they say is history. Well, not quite. New Holland took a further giant leap forward in 1975, with the development of the very first Twin Rotor™ combine. A new era in grain and straw quality was ushered in. Today, CR Twin Rotor™ combines have grain crackage as low as 0.1%. The best in the business.

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cleaN eNergy leader® strategy

Headers play a vital role in New Holland’s industry-leading sustainable agricultural programme, the Clean Energy Leader® strategy. The headers used to harvest rape seed are powering the biodiesel revolution and those which work in maize are helping providing the raw ingredients for first and second generation bioethanol production. They are truly harvesting energy.

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tHe widest raNge of Headers

New Holland offers a header for every type of crop, from small grain, through to rapeseed, maize, soya, flax, beans, grass seed, clover, millet or even rice, and many other emerging and traditional crops besides. Whether you work on undulating terrain or on wide open prairies that stretch for miles, your New Holland header will deliver trop drawer performance. In all fields. In all crops. Everywhere.

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