Four-drum threshing and separation increases throughput

New Holland CX5000 & CX6000 Elevation combine models benefit from four-drum technology: threshing drum with Opti-Thresh™ system, beater, Rotary Separator, and Straw Flow™ beater. Extremely versatile, the system can be adapted to suit a wide variety of crops and different harvesting conditions without compromise in kernel quality, straw quality or throughput.

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Rubbing on demand: the Opti-Thresh™ system

Adapting to grain maturity and yield can be done with the O pti-Thresh™ system by repositioning the rear part of the concave. When closed the concave reaches a full 121 degree angle of wrap. When the hinged top section is moved away from the drum, the rubbing action is less aggressive and the straw quality is improved. Changing the position of the O pti-Thresh™ concave section is now very easy, making it more convienient to use.

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Flexible impact thanks to the Multi-Thresh™ system

Different cereal varieties or varying degrees of crop moisture can be matched thanks to the Multi-Thresh™ system with two adjustment positions of the Rotary Separator concave. This setting comes in addition to the double Rotary Separator speed range.

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Standard sectional concave: easy to manage, quick to change

  • Reducing the rebuilding time from 6 hours to 20 minutes! When switching from one crop to another, without removing the straw elevator, the below concave sections can be replaced.

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Easy adjustments

  • Opti-Thresh™ top concave section & the Multi-Thresh™ Rotary Separator concave adjustment handles are accessible on the right hand side of the machine
  • Also the drive belt tensioner, for changing the Rotary Separator speed, is easily accessible

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