A professional way to deal with chaff and straw

High quality straw, ideal for baling is the result of the wide range of adjustment possibilities. In situations where the straw is chopped, the correct management of residue is important, especially where reduced tillage methods are practiced.

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High quality bales with good bedding characteristics

  • The unbroken straw found in the swath of a CX5000 or CX6000 Elevation combine is the result of the low aggressiveness of the threshing
  • The new straw hood has adjustable rakes which allow control of the swath width

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Three-way residue management: in the swath or on the stubble

  • The twin-disc chaff spreader spreads the chaff onto the stubble before the straw hits the ground
  • Straw feed value can be increased by directing the chaff into the straw to be baled
  • A chaff blower can mix the chaff into the straw to be chopped for distribution together with the chopped straw
  • The chaff spreader has adjustable deflector plates to fine tune the spread width to the header size and achieve uniform chaff distribution

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No escape: uniform straw chopping

  • Optional Dual-Chop™ straw chopper includes an extra rake preventing long straw from escaping
  • Repeated cutting of these stems ensures very uniform chopping

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