Getting more from fertile ground

Increasing yields, or saving money through reduced inputs: precision farming is a practice that makes use of site specific crop data in turn allowing optimum treatment and seed application in the subsequent periods. CX5000 & CX6000 Elevation combine models are ready to receive the equipment that supports this way of operating.

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Yield and moisture sensors

Patented and exclusive to New Holland, the optional yield and moisture sensors not only deliver exceptional accuracy, they do not need to be re-calibrated when switching between different crops. The moisture sensor is mounted on the grain elevator where it regularly samples harvested grain, and the optical yield sensor is mounted inside the Clean Grain Elevator.

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No re-calibration requirement

Thanks to the ingenuity of its concept, the unique New Holland yield sensor is extremely accurate whatever the crop, the variety or the moisture content of the kernel. There is no need for calibration between fields, crops or even between the cereal and maize season.

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Precision Farming Packages

New Holland offers a variety of precision farming packages which will enable you to tailor your inputs to reduce your costs and increase your yields. This information is recorded in real time by your machine during working, and it is simply and efficiently transferred for analysis by the computer package from the IntelliView™ IV monitor via the complementary 4GB USB stick, which is large enough to record data from over 600 - 700 harvesting hectares.

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Self-steer with EZ-Pilot

New Holland EZ-Pilot is an entry level assisted steering system that installs on the CX Elevation steering column. Featuring T3™ Terrain Compensation Technology, EZ-Pilot is designed to keep you on the right track, even over undulating terrain.

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Affordable guidance to enhance productivity

Guidance assistance operates day and night and is based around the D-GPS antenna. The FM750 system is one that can be easily fitted to CX Elevation combines. Comprising a multi-function display with lightbar guidance, FM750 can deliver +/- 20cm or +/-2.5cm pass to pass accuracy. It adds to the harvesting precision while maintaining operator alertness during long working days.

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