A perfect match

New Holland has developed a five, six and eight-row maize header line-up which has been engineered by design to perfectly match the CX5000 & CX6000 Elevation operating profile. Following extensive field testing, both the rigid and flipup versions deliver improved harvesting productivity and reliability.

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Fit for operating in rolling fields

Operating New Holland maize headers in rolling or even hilly field conditions is no problem. When mounted on the “Laterale” models, there is a special drive-line to cope with the shifting header position.

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Modern maize headers for modern maize farming

  • Upgraded maize header offering satisfies modern demands and boost productivity and harvesting efficiency
  • Shorter points better follow ground contours to prevent ‘run-down’ of valuable crops
  • The gills direct any loose kernels to the back of the header minimizing waste
  • Replaceable wear strips extend the headers lifespan and all points flip up on self-supporting gas struts for easy cleaning and maintenance

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Fully adapting to the maize crop

  • Efficient threshing of maize and beans requires low drum rpm
  • The optional drum speed reducer allows working with appropriate settings, adding to the combine’s versatility

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Best-in-class chopping

  • For fine chopping and superb spreading of the chopped material integrated stalk choppers can be fitted
  • Row specific chopper heads ensure total coverage
  • Renowned New Holland maize headers and their integrated stalk choppers are widely regarded as “the best-in-class”

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Stalk Stomper tyre protection

  • An optional Stalk Stomper kit is now available for fixed or flipup maize headers
  • Mounted on the header frame, the spring loaded Stalk Stomper skids flatten the stubble in front of the wheels
  • Uneven tyre wear and the likelihood of punctures is significantly reduced

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Row guidance boosts field performance

  • Minimize operator stress and increase productivity with the Automatic Row Guidance system
  • Digital sensors within the Auto Row Guidance system continuously monitor the combine’s position and keep it on track for accurate harvesting
  • Accurate row following reduces cob losses and increases profitability

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