A history of modern combining by New Holland

The midrange CX5000 & CX6000 Elevation models are built in Zedelgem, Belgium, home to New Holland’s Centre of Global Harvesting Excellence. It was here, over 100 years ago, that Leon Claeys built his very first threshing machine that revolutionised the way farmers harvested. Zedelgem is synonymous with harvesting firsts, in 1952 it produced the first European self-propelled combine harvester. Today, yellow blooded engineers are committed to developing the next generation of harvesting products. The sophisticated product development process and the extensive knowledge of a dedicated workforce of a World Class Manufacturing facility ensure the CX5000 & CX6000 Elevation range, together with all flagship harvesting products, the CR Twin Rotor™ combine, BigBaler large square balers and FR forage harvester, continues to set the benchmark in harvesting.

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Europe’s first self-propelled conventional combine harvester rolled off the Zedelgem production line. The face of harvesting changed forever.

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In the early days of self-propelled combining, farmers needed small units, and the M73 satisfied their requirements, with a threshing drum of just 73cm. The only ever combine with a sub one metre drum.

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The M103 set new productivity records, with throughout of up to 7 tonnes per hour. Another impressive number: 27,510 M103s rolled off the production line in just under a decade.

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M140 was the first `modern’ combine. Operator comfort and grain tank size were of prime importance. In order to increase productivity it was the first model with a 1.25m diameter drum and boasted five strawwalkers.

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Another harvesting revolution occurred: the advent of the rotary separator on the 1550 range. Forty years on, this technology is still used in flagship conventional combines today.

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8000 Series was the first to benefit from six strawwalker technology. Cab comfort, a reversible auger drive, Roto-Thresher™ for processing trailings and a double cascade cleaning shoe significantly upped the performance stakes.

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The TX30 range was designed for professional harvesting operations. Outstanding visibility was coupled with improved harvesting autonomy and intuitive monitors for outstanding harvesting performance.

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The TX60 developed up to 325hp and could be equipped with a mighty 9.15 metre header with lateral float technology.

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The CS range was aimed at mid sized farms who needed a machine that delivered productivity and reliability. Innovations such as Varifeed™ headers and Smart Sieve™ ensured high daily work rates were maintained. Fresh styling and a new modern ergonomic Discovery Cab heralded a new breed of midrange combine. Suspended on rubber isolation blocks, cab comfort and advanced controls set it apart from the competition.

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The CSX Series combines built on the strong reputation gained by their predecessors, new Tier 3 engines with power increased to 333hp on the largest six strawwalker models, larger grain tanks, four-drum technology with Straw Flow™ beater and the introduction of the IntelliView™ II colour monitor.

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The CX5000 & CX6000 models gained new modern styling in line with the rest of the combine family. Larger grain tanks, over the top unloading tube, ECOBlue™ SCR technology, Opti-Fan™ and greater crop to crop flexibility thanks to the sectional concaves. In addition, cab updates included the CommandGrip™ multifunction handle, and IntelliView™ III touchscreen.

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CX5000 & CX6000 Elevation combines were introduced boasting 15% increased cleaning capacity thanks to the Triple-Clean™ cascaded system, improved residue management, larger rear tyres, larger grain tanks and larger IntelliView™ IV monitor.

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