Smart Sieve™: neutralising the effect of side slopes up to 25% both sides

  • On Laterale models, the standard Smart Sieve™ system creates a lateral sieve movement directing the grain kernels uphill
  • An even layer of kernels and an even air-flow over the full width of the sieves maintains maximum cleaning efficiency

Really smart: no radial swing on flat fields
  • The ingenious system that controls the lateral sieve movement is governed by the degree of the slope. To avoid unwanted radial swing/ movement it incorporates a linkage to the sieves pivot arm
  • This patented concept neutralizes the radial swing and provides perfectly balanced sieve dynamics

Even smarter: automatic kernel size adaptation
  • The lateral sieve movement is determined not only by the degree of the slope: the fan speed, which depends on the kernel size is also taken into account to determine the optimal throwing angle.

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Dealing with longitudinal slopes: the Opti-Fan™ system blowing precision

  • The award-winning Opti-Fan™ system consists of a simple yet very effective way of correcting fluctuations in the speed of grain flow across the cleaning shoe
  • Whether working up-hill or downhill, the fan speed automatically adapts to the direction and to the degree of the slope

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Triple-Clean™ cascaded cleaning system

The standard Triple-Clean™ cascaded cleaning system boosts cleaning capacity by as much as 15%. This simple yet innovative feature enhances cleaning by means of an extra cascade in the center of the grain pan, where an additional air blast removes large volumes of chaff and short straw ahead of the main sieves. This triple cascade approach ensures cleaning is not compromised when overall machine capacity is being optimized. Further capacity improvements include the new double flight cross auger which transfers grain to the elevator faster and can result in a 10% increase in throughput of the grain elevator system on 6 strawwalker models.

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Easy grainpan removal

  • Maintaining the aggressiveness of the grain pan steps in difficult crops like rape seed or maize may require regular cleaning. The CX Elevation combine’s grain pan can be removed from the front

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Redesigned fan

  • Triple-Clean™ Opti-Fan™ efficiently blows air through three outlets
  • Two outlets to aid cleaning on the sieves and one to direct air between the preparation tables
  • Key design feature is the fan rotor deflector plate, which achives a uniform distribution of air between the three outlets

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LED light

  • Available as standard, the new LED light aids the operator when inspecting the cleaning shoe, day and night

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Fingertip control

  • For maximum cleaning efficiency in varying crop conditions, adjusting the sieves can be done from the cab

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