Engineered to take the worry out of wrapping

New Holland has continued to refine the in-line wrapping process it first used on the 548 Combi back in 2003. Designed to allow freshly produced bales to be wrapped securely over difficult terrain and reliably in both cool and hot working conditions, the integral wrapper of the Roll Baler 125 Combi is, thanks to their twin satellite arms, fast enough to allow any multiple of wraps required by the end user.

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Productivity increased

The new Roll Baler 125 Combi model features a faster bale wrapper and a number of automated features and improvements that increase overall wrapping performance

• 20% increase in wrapping speed
• Broken plastic detection sensors now initiate automatic switch to single roll wrapping
• Single roll wrapping initiation increases wrapper table speed to maintain productivity
• Bale accumulator - select the automatic double bale drop function when not wrapping
• Loose end elimination - bale is turned an extra ½ turn after plastic is cut

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Carry more stretch film for greater productivity

• Roll Baler 125 Combi model has the capacity to carry ten spare stretch film rolls in covered boxes
• Five fold down holders each side enable easy refilling
• Both storage boxes hinge open for excellent service access

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Gentle wrapped bale handling

• The standard wrapper discharge system tips the bale onto a handling mat that in turn allows the bale to gently roll from the rear of the unit
• The operator can retain the wrapped bale and discharge it away from steeply sloping terrain
• Double bale drop functionality: use as an auto bale accumulator when baling straw

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Engineered to take the worry out of wrapping

• Tubular satellite arms carry the two 750mm film stretchers
• 20% wrapping speed increase enables output of 40-50 bales/hour
• Fully automated, with a well-proven film cut knife system, the wrapping system can be monitored via an optional camera system

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