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CNHi Capital Operating Lease
the right machine at the right time. Your equipment is a production tool that you wish to renew regularly. Operating lease is the optimum finance offering to get the right machine at the right time and to optimize your balance sheet. In addition, services can be included.
Hire Purchase
ownership and fiscal benefits from day one You decide the length of your financing based on your equipment usage.You have ownership of your equipment from day one and you simultaneously leverage fiscal benefits of leasing. In addition, you keep a purchase option
Finance Lease
benefit from a purchase option and competitive rentals Finance lease schemes offer both flexibility and competitive rentals. You lease your equipment and you also keep an opportunity to get ownership of your machine at end of lease. In addition, you take advantage of fiscal benefits.
Complementary Services
Remarketing: Second life for used equipment. CNH Industrial Capital manages recycling of used machines at end of lease.


You’ve designed your equipment, now design your finance option!

Why Choose CNH Industrial Capital?

CNH Industrial Capital offers high-performance need-specific financing solutions, ranging from the most straightforward to the most complex scheme. We are a global player with a strong desire to deserve your specific needs.
Why choose CNH Industrial Capital? Because CNH Industrial Capital:

  • Has a 50+ year global experience in equipment finance
  • Is your one-stop financial partner
  • Is a global specialist of Agriculture Equipment finance
  • Offers a complete range of financial services
  • Provides competitive and flexible schemes
  • Proposes customised finance solutions.

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