Regular feeding

The two-stage fork feeder features a double crank. Its balanced action provides even, regular feeding and smooth machine operation. The tines have a long reach to ensure a smooth crop transfer; they reach close to the pick-up and deliver the crop far to the rear.

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Efficient cutting, even material distribution

The rotor cutter has fifteen sets of three double tines that feed the crop through a row of fifteen knives. Thanks to the exclusive “W” tine pattern on the rotor, the crop gets evenly distributed across the entire bale chamber width. It also ensures an even knife load for smoother machine operation. Controlled from the tractor seat, the knives are moved in and out by a hydraulic cylinder. Each knife is protected by a heavy coil spring.

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SuperFeed™ rotor type feeder

The rotor feeder boasts 15 rows of fingers, each with 3 tines, and delivers outstanding performance in all crops and conditions.

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Hydraulic reversing

In the event of a blockage, clearing can be achieved manually using a wrench. The reverser uses the knife engagement hydraulics and the operation is controlled by the Bale Command Plus™ system.

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