SideWinder™ Ultra: the ultimate ergonomic farming experience

The T8 Genesis™ tractors offer sophisticated features that are easy and intuitive to access. The SideWinder™ Ultra armrest hosts all key controls. Throttle, transmission and hydraulics. Everything you need to control is intuitively selected. More advanced features can be quickly accessed.

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Customisable buttons

Up to eleven buttons can be personalized and configured on the SideWinder™ Ultra armrest. Located in strategic positions around the armrest: one on the multifunction handle, two on both the joystick and main keypad, four on the rear keypad and one or two on the throttle/transmission keypad (depending on the transmission option selected). These buttons can be configured to suit both the task in hand and the specific preferences of the operator.

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Adjustable SideWinder™ Ultra armrest

The SideWinder™ Ultra armrest can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements. Two manual levers adjust both the height and fore-aft position of the armrest for enhanced ergonomic operation.

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Immobilizer with Key Fob

• Prevents tractor Movement
• Uses Current key for door lock and engine starting
• Remote Door unlock
• Automatic unlock with touch of door handle

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