Push button simplicity. Years of proven technology.

Range Command is a simple, rugged and well proven transmission. It provides clutch-free gear changes within each working range. It is the ideal choice for general farm applications. Renowned for its legendary robustness and indisputable reliability. Power Command is a full-powershift transmission: you select the gear speed you want by simply pushing up or downshift buttons. In short, it’s the most efficient full powershift available today.

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Semi-Powershift or Full Powershift

Range Command and Power Command are based around the same gear offering. You can choose between a standard 40kph 18x6 or 28x12 creep speed transmission or opt for an extra high ratio 19x6 or 29x12 ’direct drive’ alternative. This can deliver either 40kph at a reduced engine speed for economy or a high 50kph transport speed. IntelliShift™ gear change management ensures a seamless powershift between each and every ratio delivering smooth changes all day long.

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Armrest choice

Range Command and Power Command transmissions can be specified with either Classic or SideWinder™ II armrest. Make your choice depending on your driving and working habits. It will be the right one.

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Everything under control

In Power Command models, you can select your desired gear speed by simply pushing up or downshift buttons. The left part of the screen always keeps you informed about the gear currently in operation.

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Work together: automation, comfort and productivity

Auto Transport mode simplifies gear changing and reduces operator input during road work. It can even sense if the tractor is being pushed by a loaded trailer and holds the current gear to provide engine braking.

Auto Field manages both the engine speed and transmission to optimize performance and economy in PTO and draft applications.

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Ergonomic and smart Powershuttle

You can even regulate the aggressiveness setting with an ergonomically positioned switch and change the setting whilst on the move. Thanks to the innovative memory shuttle system, your T7 will automatically shuttle between your chosen forward and reverse gears. The shuttle can be also programmed to automatically manage transmission shifts during a direction change. By engaging a dedicated position on the shuttle lever, you can activate the optional park brake to secure the tractor when neutral is selected.

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