Bright lights for dark nights

Lighting up the way for improved night time productivity and total safety is a New Holland key priority, accomplished by bringing into the farming world the latest automotive sector innovations, such as LED lights. The lighting offering features up to 20 LED lights. Brighter and less power-consuming than their standard equivalent, these lights offer a broad spread of white light, turning night into day. Up to 6 lights can be fitted in the front and rear of the roof, while high level headlamps light up the distance and pave the way for non stop operation.

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Fully adjustable lights

The optional 360º package includes an adjustable light at each corner of the cab. The rear lights are independently switched to reduce glare if working alongside a harvester.
LED lights are efficiency itself: more light, more durability, less power consumption.
The standard signature lights bring a modern stylish addition to the familiar New Holland hood lights, there’s even a New Holland logo within the light unit.

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Choose a lighting package to suit you

There are three cab lighting packages available, consisting of eight, twelve and sixteen LED cab lights in various configurations, to suit your individual requirements.

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