Features to boost your productivity

Double your productivity with front linkage and PTO. Consume less fuel in less demanding operations with Eco PTO speed. Save time and effort at the headlands with the Headland Turn Sequencing II system: it can record and replay at the simple touch of a button, up to 28 repetitive headland turn operations. And all you have to do is push the button, turn the wheel and drive.

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Headland Turn Sequencing II and IntelliTurn™ system: hassle free repeatability

HTS II is available on models fitted with Electro hydraulic remotes. This intuitive system means you can easily record and store all implement sequences and operations at the headland. These can then be played back at the touch of a button. Now, it gets interesting. It’s even easier to modify pre-recorded sequences, so when things change, your HTS sequence does as well! If you want the ultimate in turning simplicity, combine this with IntelliTurn, the automated end of row turning functionality, which triggers HTS II when it reaches a preset distance from the headland, two great ways to improve repeatability and efficiency as well as to reduce fatigue when working over extended periods.

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Rear linkage: strong, efficient and powerful

The rear linkage and hydraulics are designed to work with heavy mounted equipment over extended periods and dynamic ride control shock load protection reduces bounce. Fender mounted controls assist when hitching implements. The maximum lift capacity is a massive 8,257kg.

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The perfect fit: front linkage and PTO

The optional, fully integrated, factory fitted front linkage and PTO feature a front management system to prevent PTO damage and a fast raise/lower when speed is of the essence.

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Advanced PTO operation

Auto PTO can be selected to automatically disengage the PTO as the front or rear linkage is raised above a pre-set position. This protects the PTO shaft and tractor. Speed selection is via a mechanical lever. Three speeds are available.

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