Automatic FWD and diff lock engagement provides optimum traction at every moment.

You can be sure that maximum power is put to the ground no matter what the working condition when your T6000 FWD tractor is equipped with the New Holland TerraLock™ traction system. The TerraLock system provides fully automatic FWD and front and rear differential lock engagement, allowing full-drive capability through all four wheels for more positive traction. It’s standard on models equipped with the SuperSteer™ or TerraGlide™ FWD axles, and available on other T6000 models.

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Three modes match your needs

The TerraLock switch has three positions—off, full-time and automatic. In automatic mode, the TerraLock system engages and disengages frontwheel drive and four-wheel differential lock depending on:
• Steering angle
• Forward ground speed
• 3-point hitch quick raise use
• Brake application
Automatic mode gives you the best performance advantages by delivering optimum traction when traveling straight, then disengaging FWD and diff lock when you turn the steering wheel, to give you better maneuverability. If forward speed exceeds 15 km/h, both FWD and differential locks will also temporarily disengage.
When TerraLock is engaged fulltime, both FWD and differential lock remain engaged until you activate the brakes. You also have the option of turning TerraLock off to completely disengage FWD and front and rear diff lock.

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Four-wheel assisted braking

Self-adjusting, self-equalizing hydraulic wet disc brakes deliver the stopping power you need. When both brake pedals are applied simultaneously, FWD engages automatically to aid in braking action for added control.

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