Move the steering wheel only 10 degrees to execute a full turn

Whether you will use your T6000 Series tractor for row-crop work or with a loader, the FastSteer™ turning system option saves you effort and time. This innovative system is available on Plus FWD models and Elite models.

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No more revolutions

The FastSteer system allows you to complete a hard right or left turn by moving the steering wheel a mere 10 degrees. Imagine the energy you will save by simply nudging the steering wheel at the headland or the next time you turn to load a bucketful of silage or manure. No more turning, turning and turning the wheel.

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Just press the inner ring

To use the FastSteer system, first press the rocker switch on the righthand “C” pillar to make the system available for use. Then, when you’re ready to make your turn, simply press the inner ring of the steering wheel to engage FastSteer. A light on the instrument panel indicates the system is engaged. Normal steering returns instantly when you release the inner ring of the steering wheel. For safety, the FastSteer system will only engage at speeds below 10 km/h.

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An optional feature on Elite T6000 models, the New Holland Custom Headland Management system memorizes and replays a series of up to 28 tasks, allowing you to manage your headland turning routine with the press of a button. You can “record” and “play back” two separate sequences—one for exiting the row; the second for entering the next row—including the changes you make to the following:

• Transmission upshift/downshift
• Engine speed
• Engage/disengage constant RPM “cruise” control
• Three-point hitch position
• Electrohydraulic valve operation (if so equipped)
• (NOTE: The TerraLock™ system will automatically disengage FWD and diff lock as you turn and re-engage them when required.)

The Custom Headland Management system reduces repetition to give you a welldeserved break from the juggling act normally required for headland turns. Add this convenience of this system to the effortless turning provided by the FastSteer option, and you handle row after row with minimum effort.

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