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Three driven front axle designs are offered on T6000 tractors; standard, SuperSteer™ and Terraglide™. The standard axle has a 55 degree turn angle. This offers a turn radius as low as 4.04m without brakes. Terraglide™ axles offer the same tight turn radius with the benefit of suspension. For maximum manoeuvrability, SuperSteer™ axles reduce the turn radius to 3.76m. This is ideal for rowcrop work. Front axle brakes are available on standard and Terraglide™ axles.

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Tight turns are just part of the story. SuperSteer™ front axles

The unique New Holland SuperSteer™ front axle dramatically reduces the turn radius of the tractor. The front axle beam turns with the wheels to give an effective turn angle of 65 degrees. The tractor turns tighter and faster so you spend less time turning and more time working. The SuperSteer™ front axle also increases the wheelbase, with the weight of the front ballast resting directly on the from axle beam. Traction is enhanced in certain conditions without the need for extra ballast.

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Terraglide™ suspension for stability and traction

Offering improved stability, the Terraglide™ front axle suspension system is well proven. In the field, the suspended axle helps ensure that the front wheels retain close contact to the ground for stability and traction, particularly in applications such as high speed cultivation, top dressing and spraying.

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Fast Steer™ system does exactly what it says

Perfect for fast headland turns or loading in a confined area, the unique New Holland Fast Steer™ system is available on all Series T6000 Plus tractors. This system enables the operator to make a full lock to lock turn with minimal steering effort. This is achieved by simply pressing the inner Fast Steer rim. Automatically deactivated at speeds above 10kph, the Fast Steer™ system dramatically reduces the time it takes to manoeuvre the tractor, reducing fatigue and boosting productivity.

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Terralock™ traction management

Terralock™ traction management can be set to automatically manage the engagement and release of 4WD and the front and rear differentials. As a turn is made, Terralock™ traction management can release the differentials and disengage 4WD, re-engaging both as the tractor returns to work. Terralock™ traction management works with both trailed and mounted equipment.

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