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T6000 Plus tractors are offered with a choice of advanced two-valve four and six-cylinder engines. To reduce noise levels, the timing gears are mounted inside a cast casing with the heavy-duty structural sump reducing vibration resonance. This makes the engines extremely quiet and smooth running. They are fuel efficient too, with mechanical fuel injection suiting varied engine speed applications, such as yard and transport work, as well as providing excellent performance in duties as wide ranging as mowing and baling through to cultivation and drilling. One word says it all. Outstanding.

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Tailored to match general use

All T6000 Plus models are powered by two-valve per cylinder engines with mechanical fuel injection. Developed to operate effectively at low operating speeds, such as in loader and yard work, these engines also deliver excellent in-field performance for brilliant all-round versatility.

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Reduced whole life operating costs

Service intervals on T6000 tractors are set at 600 hour intervals. This reduces downtime and operating costs. Of equal importance, the use of high performance non synthetic engine oil and fuel filters helps protect the engine from the moment it is started.

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Ready for work in every environment

The two-valve T6000 Plus power units are designed to reach their operating temperature quickly. This reduces engine wear in stop-start applications. Advanced cooling retains an even operating temperature, helping ensure optimum efficiency is maintained throughout the year. Hot or cold, T6000 power units deliver outstanding performance.

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T6000 - the clean energy leader

All T6000 tractors are factory approved to run on 20% B20 Biodiesel fuels. By fitting the Biodiesel engine kit and following a specific maintenance programme, the T6000 Plus version can also be run on 100% B100 Biodiesel fuels. New Holland was the first agricultural manufacturer to fully endorse the use of biodiesel in its power units. This follows extensive testing, which encompassed all aspects of engine performance including fuel efficiency, fuel pump and engine wear, cold temperature starting performance and effect upon service intervals. Contact your dealer for further details.

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