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As a tractor specialist, New Holland recognises the need to offer transmission types to suit many applications. T6000 Plus tractors are offered with two packages, Dual Command™ transmission, 24x24 with Powershuttle and Electro Command™ transmission also with Powershuttle. In addition, both can be specified with creep speeds, doubling the speeds to 48x48 and 32x32 respectively. Also, Electro Command™ transmission can be specified as a 17x16 speed to provide a 50kph transport speed.(Market conditions apply)

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Dual Command™ Transmission

Dual Command™ transmission with 24x24 speeds (48x48 with creep speeds), benefits from a clutchless gear splitter that allows the operator to reduce the selected speed by 18% and increase torque at the wheels by 22%. The clutchless Powershuttle provides a modulated change between forward and reverse, with matched speeds.

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Electro Command™ and Active Electro Command Transmissions

Electro Command™ transmission with Powershuttle is a semi-powershift transmission. The operator can select eight speeds via up and down shift buttons on the control lever. A third button selects the range change. This enables the operator to select up to eight speeds without using the clutch. A large display clearly shows the gear selected. The Powershuttle on Electro Command™ transmissions can be operated in a “memory” mode. For convenience, the transmission will automatically remember and use the last forward and last reverse gear selected. IntelliShift™ transmission management determines the speed at which the transmission clutch packs engage and release. Under heavy load, faster shifts are made. Under light load, the clutch packs are modulated to provide a smoother shift.

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