Six-cylinder Elite models feature the ultimate in “set and forget” convenience

When you step up to an Elite T6000 tractor equipped with the electronic six-cylinder engine, you can also step up to the flexibility and control of the Power Command™ full powershift transmission. This premium transmission offers the ultimate in convenience and personalized programming.

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Automatic shifting in the field, and on the road

Apatented torque sensing system allows the Power Command transmission to do the shifting for you, with no mechanical shifting required. Simply press the “Auto” button for automatic shifting that rivals the smoothness of your car or truck. You program the transmission to automatically shift when speed increases or decreases by 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 percent—whatever suits your application. In the field, the system maintains your throttle setting and automatically shifts up or down as needed from gears one to 11. When using the “Auto” mode while transporting, you have access to gears 7 through 18.

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Programmable power shuttle

Atouch of the lever located on the left side of the steering wheel and you shift from forward to reverse. No need to clutch, no need to stop. You don’t even need to remove your hand from the steering wheel. You can also program this convenient power shuttle to the best reverse and forward gears for each job.

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Just the right speed

With nine of the 18 forward speeds are in the three to twelve km/h working range, Power Command transmission gives you a choice of speeds to match every job. A40 km/h transport speed gets you from one place to another in a hurry.

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19x6 Economy version available

Choose the Economy Power Command™ transmission and you achieve the maximum 40 km/h transport speed at a lower engine speed for improved fuel efficiency.

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Faster Mover 50 km/h transport option

A19x6 Power Command™ transmission provides an additional forward speed that allows T6000 Elite tractors to achieve a higher 50 km/h speed (tire restrictions apply).

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