Ample flow and lift capacity expand the versatility of your T6000 tractor.

You’ll appreciate the flexibility and unwavering power of the T6000 hydraulic system. While the hydraulic systems found on some tractors rely on a single pump, the T6000 hydraulic system uses two pumps for better response and the ability to perform multiple hydraulic functions simultaneously – without sacrificing performance.

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Two pumps are better than one

The open-center hydraulic system used on Delta and Plus models features a 63 (Delta) or 80 (Plus) litresper- minute (lpm) fixed-displacement gear pump and a separate 40 lpm steering pump (47 lpm on models equipped with the 16x16 transmission). Elite models offer a more advanced closed-center load-sensing hydraulic system (optional on Plus models) and a variable-displacement piston pump that delivers a flow of 100 lpm to the rear remotes, threepoint hitch and loader. Aseparate 40 lpm pump provides flow for steering and services circuit. Flow control is standard equipment. Configurable detents are standard on Elite models and optional on Plus models. For maximum in-cab control, Plus and Elite models can be equipped with two, three or four fully programmable electro-hydraulic remotes. You control the flow rate and program the timing of each valve right from your tractor seat.

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Impressive lift capacity

Three-point hitch capacity for T6000 Series tractors is up to 8,257 kg for Elite models and up to 7,864 kg for Plus models. Delta models feature mechanical draft control with a lift capacity up to 6,332 kg. Telescoping stabilizers and optional flexible or hook-type link ends on all T6000 models make it easy to hook up and change implements.

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Mechanical draft control simplicity

Delta and Plus models feature a simple mechanical draft control (MDC) system that uses lower-link draft sensing to precisely maintain draft loads while working in the field with three-point-mounted implements. (MDC is not available on the T6070.) Models with MDC also feature the convenient Lift-O-Matic™ system that allows you to raise or lower an implement with the touch of a button, without altering the draft settings—a real time-saver during headland turns.

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Added EDC benefits

Electronic Draft Control (EDC) allows for precise, automatic control of three-point-mounted implements using lower link draft sensing to maintain a constant load on the hitch through changing soil conditions. T6000 tractors equipped with electronic draft control also get the convenience of fast hitch raise/lower control both inside the cab and on the rear fenders. Dynamic Ride Control is also standard equipment on EDCequipped tractors to help prevent three-point-mounted implements from “bouncing” on the rear hitch during transport, giving you greater control and a more comfortable ride.

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Soft start PTO

The PTO engages electro-hydraulically for smooth starts and features Soft Start for added implement protection during start up. APTO Coast Down switch allows you to manually override the PTO brake to control highinertia loads. Optional fender-mounted PTO controls on cab models make hook-up easy.

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