Enjoy a spacious work space and natural controls with the T6000 flat deck or Horizon™ cab.

Alot of thought was invested in the creation of the T6000 operator area. Whether you choose a model with flat-deck ROPS platform or the all-weather comfort of the Horizon™ cab, you get space, comfort, control and view that make your work easier. The throttle, transmission, hydraulic and hitch controls are placed in a natural position for easy, fingertip control. And, the sloped T6000 hood gives you an unobstructed view of the work area around you.

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High-visibility Horizon™ cab – no other cab comes close

When you enter the Horizon cab, prepare yourself for ultra-quiet comfort. Interior sound level is as low as 70 dba. Add spacious dimensions and attention to detail, and it’s easy to see how the Horizon cab makes you more productive. The deluxe air-ride seat swivels, supports, and adjusts for maximum comfort, while an optional full-size instructor seat puts co-workers at ease, too. Afull 5.85 square metres of glass provides clear sightlines in every direction. There’s even a high-visibility roof panel to provide an upward view that makes it easy to see a raised loader bucket. A retractable sunshade blocks glare on Delta models, and an automotivestyle sunshade on Plus and Elite models opens for fresh air.

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Deluxe cab upgrade

Step up to the Deluxe cab option on your Elite model tractor and you get the added comfort of the New Holland air-ride seat with heated cushions. The automatic temperature control system supplies heat and air conditioning as needed to maintain the temperature you set. The Deluxe cab also features heated electronic external mirrors, a speaker upgrade and electrohydraulic rear remotes as standard equipment.

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Optional Comfort Ride™ cab suspension

For the absolute smoothest ride over bumpy ground, choose the Comfort Ride™ Cab Suspension option available on Plus and Elite models. This simple mechanical system is always on. Two isolation “donuts” at the front corners of the cab and a swaybar and two shock absorbers at the rear isolate you from up-down motions and side-to-side swaying.

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