Select from two optional FWD axles to boost your efficiency.

Two innovative New Holland FWD axle options give you advantages in the field and on the road.

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Fast, sharp SuperSteer™ turns

Add the patented SuperSteer™ FWD axle to your T6000 Plus or Elite tractor and you increase the standard 55-degree turn angle to an unmatched 65 degrees. You turn sharper and faster for easier maneuvering in tight spaces and small fields. And, rowcrop operations achieving a 35% reduction in headland turn time—a huge advantage. Equip a SuperSteer tractor with the FastSteer™ option, and you get the absolute ultimate in simple turning.

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The exclusive New Holland design

As the tractor turns, the whole SuperSteer axle pivots, adding 20 degrees of articulation to the standard turn angle of 45 degrees. The inside tire moves away from the tractor, providing more tire clearance, a sharper turning angle and reduced turnaround diameter.

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A smooth TerraGlide™ ride

Equip your T6000 Series Plus or Elite model tractor with the TerraGlide™ FWD axle and you get an ultra-smooth ride along with better traction, stability and control in any terrain. The TerraGlide axle provides a remarkable 100 mm of travel to keep the front tires in contact with the ground, so you ease over rough spots in rutted fields or bumpy roads. You enjoy a more comfortable ride but, more importantly, you also get better control. The TerraGlide axle helps keep the tractor grounded for more consistent loading on the front tires, resulting in greater traction, up to a 5% increase in drawbar pull, better stability and better steering control.

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No complications

The TerraGlide FWD axle is a simple, affordable design – not like the complicated systems found on other tractors. Another unique feature: the system can be turned off! The TerraGlide axle is activated at tractor start up but can be locked out between speeds of 1.5 and 12 km/h using an override switch in the cab. To ensure your comfort and safety, the suspension is automatically engaged at speeds over 12 km/h.

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Heavy-duty rear axles

T6000 rear axles feature inboard planetary final drives with three large, heat-treated planet gears to handle high-torque loads. Heavyduty flange or 2,489-mm bar axles are available on all models for maximum flexibility. Six-cylinder Elite models are also available with a 2,844-mm bar axle and dual tires.

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