Choose the transmission that’s geared for your work.

Whether you’re doing field work or haulage, there’s a dependable T6000 transmission with the speeds and features that suit the work you do.

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16 x 16 ElectroShift™ transmission with power shuttle

This transmission gives you touchbutton powershifting through the four gears of each range, plus a clutch-free shift between first and second range, and between the third and fourth range. You only need the clutch once in 16 gears. An electrohydraulic power shuttle also lets you shift from forward to reverse without clutching for easier loader or grading work. Program the reverse gear you prefer for the work you’re doing.

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12 x 12 Synchro Command™ transmission with mechanical shuttle

The 12x12 transmission is the picture of simplicity, reliability and economy. The range lever at the far right allows you to choose one of three ranges while the main shift lever offers four synchronized gears in each range. Adedicated, in-line shuttle lever on the left-hand side of the steering column allows you to shift between forward and reverse.

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24 x 24 Dual Command™ Hi-Lo transmission with power shuttle

The Dual Command transmission gives you the added convenience of clutchless forward-reverse shuttling, as well as twice the number of speed choices. An underdrive for each of the twelve forward and reverse gears effectively increases torque by 27% and reduces tractor speed by approximately 22%. Dual Command buttons are located right on the gearshift lever to allow you to powershift on-the-go without clutching. Use the lower button (tortoise) to engage the underdrive. Push the upper button (hare) to disengage Dual Command and return to direct drive. This transmission provides the benefit of up to 11 speeds in the two- to eight-mph working range for maximum versatility. Transport speed is 30 km/h for 2WD models and 40 km/h for FWD models.

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