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Agriculture is constantly evolving, and split second decisions have an enormous impact on your business’ profitability. New Holland’s goal was to place farm managers and contractors in every field, even when they are sometimes hundreds of miles away. This is now possible thanks to PLM Connect. Using mobile telephone technology, users receive dynamic, real-time information on every machine working in their field and can analyse that data to make correct decisions for each and every machine in each and every field.

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New Holland knows that modern agribusinesses prize flexibility as it is your passport to higher productivity and profitability. That is why PLM Connect is fully compatible with all brands of machine and implement. Giving you the flexibility to pick the right machines for your farm. Always.

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As you know what is happening in every field you are working in, you can make the right decisions from the comfort of your office. This can help you optimise large machinery fleets: you can plan the next operation based on where machines are now. By keeping an eye on the online vehicle dashboard you can maximise uptime, improve productivity and efficiency and even optimise fuel consumption.

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Intuitiveness defines PLM Connect technology. An intuitive in-cab display means operators can efficiently browse key parameters and communicate with the farm. The easy to use web portal enables accurate management of all data and facilitates speedy decision making based on real time information.

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PLM™ Certified dealers can help you make the correct choice for your farm. PLM™ Customer Support is always on hand to enable you to maximise the performance of your current package. If you want to fine tune your skills, why not enroll on a PLM™ End User training course to unlock your PLM™ package’s full potential.

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