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The New T6.165 & T6.180 Classic tractors are your powerful productivity partner.

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Dynamic operation in every operating situation

New Holland has developed the all-new Dynamic Command™ transmission following extensive customer consultation and an intensive research, development and testing process. Designed to offer even more gears in the most frequently used operating ranges, this will enable you to perfectly match the speed of your T6 to the task in hand. Furthermore, the ability to deliver near instantaneous direction changes makes field, but especially loader work even easier and more efficient.

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Eight-step semi-powershift

The 24x24 Dynamic Command™ transmission enables you to shift between eight gears under load, without having to change ranges. Thanks to the wide spread of speeds within the three ranges, which correspond to those most frequently used whilst conducting in field or on road activities, you shouldn’t need to change range mid-task, which results in improved infield and on road productivity.

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Fast or slow. You decide.

For transport intensive operation the 40kph Eco or the 50kph Eco offer an efficient way to get between field and back to base, all whilst saving fuel and with lower in-cab noise. At the other end of the scale, a creeper option can be specified so that you can go as slow as you need.

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Select the transmission geared for you

New Holland knows that every farm has different requirements, and that intelligent innovation also means offering tried and tested solutions to improve efficiency. The semi powershift Electro Command™ transmission offers clutchless gear changes to reduce fatigue, and gear shifting is taken care of for you with the addition of the optional Auto Modes.

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Responsive powershuttle

The Dynamic Command™ delivers near instantaneous direction changes thanks to advanced powershuttle technology. Conceived with loader-intensive operations in mind, it will speed up all farm yard tasks.

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Clutch free loader work

The advanced Dynamic StartStop feature means that at lower operating speeds, such as those commonly associated with loader work, you can simply depress the brake when coming to a stop, without the need to clutch. Once the brake pedal is released, the tractor will automatically start to move.

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Efficient road transport

When you need that extra turn of speed, such as when accelerating away from a roundabout, the Dynamic Command™ transmission will automatically ‘kick down’ selecting a lower gear to maximise acceleration performance. Once cruising speed has been achieved, the gearing will automatically revert to the most efficient available.

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GSM II. Intelligent automation.

New Holland Ground Speed Management II, GSM II, is more than just an automated transmission shift system. With CVT-like functionality, it uses a combination of data relating to engine load, forward speed and operator setting, to manage both engine and transmission speeds to optimise performance and economy. Simple to set up and extremely efficient, GSM is well proven and dependable.

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At a glance agear information

A dedicated screen displaying transmission gearing information has been positioned to the front of the armrest, so that it is easy to see at all times.

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Advanced joystick

Transmission up and downshift buttons have been integrated into the advanced loader joystick. This is perfect when conducting intensive loader work: whether you are feeding cattle or moving bales, the ability to change gears without removing your hand from the loader controls is a surefire productivity booster.

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Shuttle responsiveness

The shuttle responsiveness setting can be regulated via a dedicated button on the integrated control panel. Select soft for general field work, standard for daily tasks and the super aggressive position for near instantaneous direction changes during loader work.

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