New drawbar, new pick-up

New Holland has completely redesigned the front of the Roll Baler 125 range, starting with an all-new drawbar design and working through to a 2.3m wide New Holland pick-up. Other improvements include a new front platform for better access to the wrapping system and an improved turn angle for tighter headland turns.

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All-new 2.3m five-bar pick-up

• Fitted with a rugged, double cam track, the new and wider pick-up is developed from the well proven design used on New Holland BigBalers and Roll-Belt balers, featuring the best of both, it is purpose built to handle heavy windrows
• Now fitted with 160 high strength 5.5mm pick-up tines, reducing the amount of crop gathered per tine, the new five-bar design can be worked at higher forward speeds ensuring it always leaves a clean sweep

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Large, fixed platform

• Accessed via fold-up steps, the all new front platform makes replacing rolls of net or plastic film easier
• The hydraulic hoses are clamped to the platform to ease coupling and provide secure storage

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Simplified hydraulic coupling

• Roll Baler 125 models require two hydraulic couplings
• 1 double acting line to activate valve block functions chosen in the IntelliView™ IV monitor: pick-up, knives, dropfloor
• 1 single acting line to operate the bale chamber door
• Roll Baler 125 Combi models are just as simple but use a load sensing line to operate the wrapper functions
• Both models require an extra hydraulic line if the rotor de-clutch option is specified

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Choose fixed or swivel pick-up wheels that stow on the drawbar

• Both fixed and swivel pick-up wheels are designed for quick, tool free height adjustment
• In transport, the wheels can be removed and secured above the pick-up

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Choose the hitch for specific needs

From the factory, Roll Baler 125 models can be specified with an EU 40mm or 50mm drawbar, K80 Ball, Pivot Ring or 33mm Swivel ball hitch.

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High and low hitch drawbar with double speed jack

The drawbar is fitted with a repositioned double speed jack that speeds attaching and removing the baler.

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Tighter headland turns

With the new jack mounted to the rear of the drawbar, clearance between the tractor wheels is increased to allow tighter turns on the headland.

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Adjustable pick-up suspension

• Springs on the pick-up lift rams provide adjustable suspension, allowing the pick-up to follow different surfaces accurately and reduce bounce over rough ground
• A combination of adjustable pick-up height and suspension helps reduce tine to soil contact, ensuring swath contamination is reduced

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Standard single roller windguard for smooth crop feed

• Profiled to ensure smooth operation when working uneven swaths, the 210mm diameter roller windguard is slim enough to allow a full and uninterrupted flow of crop into the baler
• Two overshoot infeed augers ensure larger swaths feed cleanly into the rotor

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Rotor declutch

• Hydraulic disengagement of the rotor and pick-up drive is possible in the event of a blockage
• The chamber rollers can continue to turn, to allow the operator to wrap and eject a bale
• This time saving feature feature enables the operator to clear the toughest blockage

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