Flexible crop processing solutions

From the pick-up, how material is passed into the bale chamber is critical to both performance and producing a consistent and firm bale. With the proven New Holland feed rotor system, Roll Baler 125 and Roll Baler 125 Combi balers now benefit from improved management of the 20 knife CropCutter™ system. Selecting the degree of slicing, with a choice of easy swapping between selected blade banks, reduces downtime to boost productivity

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Wide 1200mm Hardox 400 steel feed rotor

• Made from wear resistant Hardox 400 steel, 470mm diameter feed rotor is fitted with robust 10mm thick tines
• The design enhances the flow of material into the bale chamber and reduces strain on the driveline

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An even feed for a uniform bale

• Full width 1200mm feed rotor is enhanced by the positioning of the tines
• ‘W’ pattern ensures the swath feeds evenly into the full width of the bale chamber
• Operators find it easier to produce an even, firm and consistent bale, even when working uneven swaths in less than ideal conditions

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CropCutter™ allows easier slicing choices

• New Holland CropCutter™ system features 20 chromevanadium blades, each with individual spring protection to reduce damage if the swath is contaminated with a solid object
• Easy to remove for sharpening, the blades can be lowered when not required

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Keeping the knives clean and ready for action

• The 20 knives are automatically raised and then lowered each time the chamber is opened and closed
• This simple process helps ensure the individual blades are kept clean and debris does not build up around the CropCutter system
• This automatic feature is available exclusively on Roll Baler 125 Combi models

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Auto knife retraction

• When chopping, the operator can choose a setting in the IntelliView™ IV monitor to retract the knives just before bale completion
• Knife retraction is initiated when the bale reaches a pre-set percentage of completion
• This results in a smoother bale surface, better rainfastness and improved bale shape

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Manual knife group selection

• A simple handle with three positions allows the operator to choose how many blades are engaged
• Choice of all 20 or just 10 in grouped sets A or B
• The latter enables consistent crop length and allows one set to be operated up until sharpening is required, selecting the second bank allowing work to continue until all 20 need attention

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Theoretical cut lengths

As a guide, engaging all 20 knives will produce a theoretical chop length of 52mm, this increasing to 104mm when selecting either bank A or B of just 10 knives.

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Managing a blockage

New Holland now offers two ways to deal with a blockage occurring on Roll Baler 125 models:

Method 1: New Drop Floor
• Operated from the cab, the new drop floor is fitted to the rear of the feed rotor
• The CropCutter knives are lowered and then the pivotmounted drop floor is hydraulically opened up at the front by 120mm, providing full access to any blockage
• The rear section of the drop floor also opens up to 60mm

Method 2: Allowing the ejection of a partially finished bale
If a blockage occurs late in the bale formation process, clearing material by lowering the drop floor may not be appropriate. New Holland offers a hydraulic rotor and pick-up ‘declutch’ system on Roll Baler 125 models. In work, the system operates by first allowing the bale chamber to continue to operate and the partially formed bale to be ejected. Drive to the pick-up and rotor can then be re-engaged to clear the blockage.
Separate hydraulic couplings for the bale chamber and intake system required.

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