Terms and conditions apply. Finance provided by CNH Industrial Capital Australia Pty Ltd to approved ABN business applicants and subject to credit approval. Finance rate subject to 30% deposit over 60 months and is only available only on the T4 (0.44% p.a.), T5 (0.55% p.a.), T6 (0.66% p.a.), T7 (0.77% p.a.), T8 (0.88% p.a.), and T9 (0.99% p.a.) Series Tractors delivered by 30 June 2020. GST is due month 4, monthly or annual repayments, deposit is a % of customer invoice price inclusive of GST. Contact your local New Holland Agriculture dealer for further information.

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Quiet, comfortable and offering a great view

The T5 Dual Command offers you tailored comfort. The deluxe VisionView™ cab has been designed around you for the ultimate operator experience. A spacious cab means you’ll relish spending long days at the wheel. Panoramic visibility is guaranteed. Always. Curved and openable side windows. The extended rear windscreen guarantees a crystal clear view of the rear hitch. Want more? You’ll be comfortable too, precision position the tiltable steering column and dash. Your T5 Dual Command. As individual as you.

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Outstanding seat comfort

The deluxe air-suspension seat can be precision adjusted to suit you. For operators who extensively use rear mounted equipment, 15° of swivel reduce neck fatigue during long days. You can also invite your friends to share the fun with the full sized instructor seat with seat belt.

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Turning night into day

A complete range of working lights are fitted to all models as standard. They can be angled to suit the application, offering a broad spread of light in the darkest corners of any yard or shed. Turn night into day to make light work of late night cultivation. Lights are easily controlled via a dedicated switch on the B-pillar.

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At a glance performance monitoring

The clear and visible instrument cluster moves in conjunction with the fully tiltable steering column for a permanently unobstructed view of key operating parameters. Consult the all-new, easy to read dot matrix performance monitor for at a glance operating information. Direction, acres worked and servicing information are clearly marked in the three-section display.

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A modern ROPS for modern farming

ROPS models have been designed with comfort and ease of operation in mind. They share an identical, ergonomic control lay-out with cabbed models and have been enhanced with the addition of durable finishing to ensure they can withstand even the harshest operating conditions.

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Control the climate of your cab

The air conditioning system features dual fan technology to guarantee high performance in even the hottest summers and in the very bitterest of winters. Individually position up to 10 vents to control the airflow for ultimate all-body comfort or super-fast defrosting of the windscreen. The B pillar mounted controls fall perfectly to hand and can be intuitively adjusted whilst on the move.

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Eyes in the back of your head

Enlarged wing mirrors feature a top section for the best possible view of the road during highspeed transport. The adjustable lower section has been designed to effectively counteract blind spots.

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