Terms and conditions apply. Finance provided by CNH Industrial Capital Australia Pty Ltd to approved ABN business applicants and subject to credit approval. Finance rate subject to 30% deposit over 60 months and is only available only on the T4 (0.44% p.a.), T5 (0.55% p.a.), T6 (0.66% p.a.), T7 (0.77% p.a.), T8 (0.88% p.a.), and T9 (0.99% p.a.) Series Tractors delivered by 30 June 2020. GST is due month 4, monthly or annual repayments, deposit is a % of customer invoice price inclusive of GST. Contact your local New Holland Agriculture dealer for further information.


Simplicity meets modern thinking

Take the time to look over a New Holland T4S tractor and you will see for yourself that these tractors offer the perfect balance between traditional tractor design and modern ergonomics. New users will quickly feel comfortable and appreciate the easy reach of everything they need to work the tractor safely and efficiently. With the new generation cab, we take this class of tractor to a new level. With its four-post design, and pillar to post glazing, the cab gives superb all-round visibility. An opening glazed roof panel is functional too, allowing loader equipped tractors to be positioned with pin point accuracy. Highly efficient heating and ventilation, with air-conditioning as standard, ensures the operator remains comfortable, whatever the weather.

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Quiet. Comfortable. Spacious.

The new generation cab of the T4S tractors has a flat floor to eliminate the bulk of a transmission tunnel, making it more spacious. Wide door openings to ensure it is easy to access the comfortable interior and a choice of mechanical or air suspension seat guarantee a comfortable ride. The heating and ventilation package is powerful, keeping the cab mist free in winter and super cool in summer. Low noise levels reduce fatigue and a powerful lighting package lights the darkest nights. With a T4S tractor you get big tractor cab features in a small tractor package.

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True all-round visibility

When we describe the new generation cab as offering true all-round visibility, we are not exaggerating. Thanks to the fourpillar cab design, the view from the operator’s seat is panoramic. In tight spaces or when working in the field, good visibility is a valuable aid to productivity. See more, do more.

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See beyond the roof line

• All cab models all have a high visibility roof panel to offer a perfect view and provide a bright and airy environment.
• The roof panel can be opened for extra ventilation and features a retractable sun blind.

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Cab roof lighting package

• With a T4S, four integrated cab roof lights can deliver the extra illumination you need, stretching out into the darker recesses of buildings or helping you spot the last bales in a paddock.

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Bluetooth Radio

• Radios are Bluetooth and equipped with a USB port as standard.
• Talk hands free or listen to your own music.

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Loader operators – we think of you too

The standard Challenge AP30 Plus loader sits low and tight to the hood line to provide an excellent field of vision out over the front and sides.

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FOPS: for peace of mind

• The new generation T4S cab model range offer FOPS (falling object protection system) technology as standard.

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