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Introducing the new four strawwalker TC4.90with advanced features.
Highoutput, lowcostsof ownership
A crucial factor for a good day’s productivity is the ability to store asmuch grain as possible during
harvesting, and then unload it to a trailer withminimum downtime. The TC series combines have the
capacity to keepworking for longer. Andwhen the trailer does arrive, the tanks can be emptied in under
twominutes.With a rated capacity of 72 litres per second, the unloading auger is really fast, and thanks to
the design of the cabin, the operator maintains a full view of the process throughout. This also provides an
advantage in terms of overall efficiency and harvesting speed.
Fast unloading, more harvesting
tokeep trackof themain
harvesting taskswithan
interfacedesigned tobeas
user-friendly as possible.
functionhandle introduces
thenext generationof con-
troller to this combine sector.
And the integrated coolbox
that canbe removed for easy
re-filling is yet another exam-
pleof theattentionprovided
to theoperator’s comfort
during the longworkingdays
in thefield.
In terms of operating tech-
nology, thedouble cascade
cleaning shoe increases
cleaning capacity andquality.
It features a450mm sloping
pre-sieveand theadjustable
fan forces air through the
grain to remove chaff and
short strawaheadof the top
andbottom sieves.
Theoptional SmartSieve™
guarantees a cleangrain
sampleon slopes of up to25
per cent.
systemprovides real-time
readings to the in-cabmonitor
so theoperator canfine tune
expanded its range
of TC strawwalker
modelswith thenewTC4.90,
a four-strawwalker combine
withmore technology, better
features, and yet still low
“TheentireTC range shares
many advanced featureswith
ourmid-range combines. It
is theanswer for owners of
TC5000 combines looking
for a replacementwithmore
technology and lowmainte-
nance costswithout breaking
thebank,” statedHedley
Cooper, HeadofCombine
Harvester ProductManage-
ThenewTC4.90 is packed
withadvanced features. The
Harvest Suite
cab is extremelyquiet,with
just 74dBand remarkably low
vibrations (the cab ismounted
on rubber isolationblocks).
It offers all round visibility
withall roundglazing. In-cab
ergonomics are, as inall New
Hollandmodels, outstanding.
The InfoView™ IImonitor
makes it easy for theoperator
the settings in changing crop
With the introductionof the
has also changed thenaming
systemof theTC range. The
models arenow identifiedby
thenumber of strawwalkers,
followedby apoint anda
two-figurenumber that indi-
cates the sequence. This in-
tuitivenaming systemmakes
it easy to identify at aglance
thenumber of strawwalkers
and sizeof themodel. For
example, theTC4.90means
this is thebiggestmodelwith
four strawwalkers.
More output, high quality,
andmany features sharedwith
themid-range combines.
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