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are the top
in every
condition and
every field.
From crop to crop
Boosts inperformance for thenewCX5000andCX6000Elevation.
Up to15per cent higher capacity and10per cent throughput.
he NewHolland
mid-range combines
have been through
a significant upgrade
process, and the CX5000
andCX6000 Elevation
models now boast new
features, better performance,
higher capacity and faster
throughput due to the
innovative, newTriple-Clean
cleaning shoe. The range
offers four basicmodels,
two five-strawwalker
and two six-strawwalker;
two Laterale versions for
sustained performance
on steep slopes; and the
CX5090 ElevationHillside
for combining in severe
hillside conditions. The
versatility of this combine
bestows its ability to
provide the right solution
for every use.
Among the new features,
the Triple-Clean
cleaning system increases
the combine’s cleaning
capacity by asmuch as 15
per cent. The innovative
has taken on the design
of the shoe has resulted
in an additional air blast
at the centre of the grain
pan, that removes a large
quantity of chaff and short
straw before final cleaning
even starts on themain
sieves. Thismeans that the
grain is almost completely
cleaned in the first 50cm of
the cleaning shoe. Linked
with theOpti-Fan
the result is complete
management of losses and
the highest capacity in
every condition.
On the bigger of the
strawwalker models, a
further increase in capacity
is given by the new
double-flight cross auger
that transfers grain to the
elevator faster. This results
in an increase in throughput
of the grain elevator as high
as 10 per cent.
Also, the field autonomy
of the CX5000 and
CX6000 Elevation has
been extended tomatch
the combines’ increased
capacitywith bigger
670-litre fuel tanks and
bigger grain tanks that
have a capacity of 8,300
litres for the 5 strawwalker
and 9,300 litres for the 6
strawwalker models.
“With these four upgraded
models we reaffirm
range offering as the top
performer in its category
with increased capacity,
best-in-class performance in
all conditions and all fields,
ground remains constant
whether the combine is
moving on flat ground,
uphill or downhill, resulting
in a constant and regular
stubble height and avoiding
crop to crop versatility, and
low operating costs,” stated
Hedley Cooper, Head of
Combine Harvester Product
And since versatility is a key
requirement on the field,
NewHolland has packed
the upgraded combines
with features that maximize
their flexibility.
The Autofloat™ II system
automatically adjusts the
pressure of the header lift
system so that the pressure
of the header on the
any “bulldozing” effect.
TheOpti-Fan™ system
adapts fan rpmwhen
the slope changes,
automatically ensuring
a constant grain sample
quality and cleaning
And there is a choice of
high-capacity, draper
headers, flex headers, corn
headers and heavy-duty
Varifeed™ headers with
adjustable knife position
for top cutting efficiency
and correct feeding in all
conditions.With awidth
of up to 30 feet or nine
metres, the headers are
big enough tomatch the
combines’ higher capacity.
In the cabin, the
gives the operator full
control with the touch of a
The 31cmwide colour
touchscreen enables
operators tomonitor all
combine functions, select
the best settings by a direct
link on the screen, and
control up to three cameras,
further enhancing the
excellent all-round visibility
of the Discovery™ III cab.
Cruise Control resumes
a set field speed at the
simple tap of a button
on the CommandGrip™
handle. You can record two
different speeds, one for
headland or lying crops and
one for normal conditions,
in just one touch. The
monitor will display the
Settings, making crop
settings and crop to crop
transitions easier.
The CX5000 andCX6000
Elevationmodels can be
fittedwith increased flexion
steering and traction
tyres for better flotation
and reduced ground
compaction. This will
preserve soil quality and
improve future yields.
Increased cleaning capacity
by 15 per cent.
Crop to crop versatility is one of themost striking features of the upgradedCX5000 andCX6000 Elevationmodels.
NewHolland’s advanced concave design is supported by awide array of easy-to-choose crop specific settings to fine
tune the combine to every single operating condition, and all of this in less than 20minutes! A complete range of
grain headers and row crop attachments provide the final choice for a perfect set-up. The Smart Sieve
system is able
to compensate for slopes of up to 25 per cent on both sides. But for more demanding conditions the CX5090 and
CX6090 are available in Lateralemodes with a simple and robust automatic levelling system to provide a transverse
slope correction of up to 18 per cent on both sides.
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