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twas 2006whenNew
Hollandfirst launched
itsCleanEnergy Leader
strategy. Since then, year
on year, thebrandhas
consistentlydelivered: less
emissions, higher efficiency,
lower fuel consumption.
With thenewECOBlue™
Hi-eSCR technology, New
Holland takes ahuge leap
into the futureand introduces
Tier 4B farming. This is the
stagewhere– compared to
Tier 1–nitrogenoxides (NOx)
for sixmonths and produce
the same emissions it would
have produced in a single
working day in 1996.
The new ECOBlue™
Hi-eSCR technology
was developed by New
Holland’s sister company
FPT Industrial, pioneers in
the eighties of Common
Rail technology. The new
High Efficiency Selective
Catalytic Reduction solution
has been proven and tested
formillions ofmiles and
won the European Truck
of the Year 2013 award
for the Iveco Stralis Hi-Way
heavy duty on-road truck
andmost recently Engine of
the Year for the newCursor
16 engine.
It is a powerful evolution of
the existing ECOBlue
system, and is protected
by seven different patents.
It uses an after-treatment
system that adds Diesel
Exhaust FluidDEF/AdBlue,
awater and ureamixwhich
is colourless andnon-toxic,
into the exhaust stream
and operates a closed loop
systemwith amodel-based
urea dosing strategy to
constantlymonitor the
exact levels of NOx in
the exhaust to calculate
the perfect dose of DEF/
AdBlue needed. TheDEF/
AdBlue and exhaust gases
aremixed in a patented
pipewith an enhanced fluid
dynamic design. Excess
(ammonia) is removed
with theCleanUpCatalyst
There is an engine exhaust
flap to optimise engine
temperature, and deliver
efficient NOx conversion
straight from start-up.
TheDiesel Oxidisation
andparticulatematter are
reducedby95per cent.
Nitrogen oxides are gasses
producedwhen the
engine reaches its highest
operating temperature,
and are among themain
causes of acid rain and the
shrinking ozone layer. Since
the introduction of Tier 1,
NewHolland has reduced
these emissions by 180
times in the last 15 years.
Thismeans that a Tier 4B
machine can run every day
Introducing the new ECOBlue™Hi-eSCR technology.
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